Welcome to file sharing service!
If You need to upload the file, or many files from one device to another or share them with Your friends then this resource is exactly what You need. If You have any questions regarding the wearability of our file, manual on.


  1. Direct the cursor to the middle of the page and click on the button "Select files".
    It is also possible to upload files by dragging them into the central area of the page bounded by the dotted line. как передать файл
  2. OS Explorer opens to select the files you want to send. Looking for the desired files, select them and click "Open". как поделиться файлом
  3. Wait until the files loaded. At the moment the maximum size of uploaded files is 2 GigaBytes, and number of uploaded files is 1000. In the bottom of the page you will see a link for downloading the uploaded files as well as social media buttons, which is convenient to share the link. как загрузить файл
  4. Select the period of storage of uploaded files, defaults to 3 days.

    To protect Your files, you can create a password that will be required when downloading. To do this, simply click on the icon with a lock, and next to a link will appear the password. Re-click on the icon with the lock password will be deleted.

    If you want to send a link on mail, then click "Send link" and fill the fields, then click on the arrow and Your link is sent, and password, if You created it.

    If you want to add a description, then click "Add a description" and enter text in the text box, then click on the round button in the text field and Your description saved.
    If You send the link on e-mail, description will also be saved. хранение файлов
  5. Folow the link (see point 3), and You can download files.
    For download the whole download you need to click on the button "Download all". To retrieve a single file, it is necessary to click on its name in the file list. как скачать файл
  6. Enjoy using)

Upload file

Rules for using the service

  1. The maximum size of uploaded files is 2 GigaBytes.
  2. Maximum number of uploaded files is 1000.
  3. The maximum upload age - 14 days, the files marked "One download" is stored for 7 days and then deleted.
  4. Resource administration is not responsible for the contents of files, uploaded by users of the resource.
  5. It is prohibited to transfer content that is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  6. If files of the upload in any way has violated Your rights, please contact us using the feedback form or through the "Report" link on the download page, and they will be removed.
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